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Advanced Facilities, Gentle & Thorough
1. Emergency Dentistry
2. Examination
3. Preventive Dentistry
4. Children's Dentistry
5. Orthodontics
7. Fillings
8. Root Canal Treatments
9. Crowns & Bridges
10. Implants
11. Dentures
12. Cosmetic Dentistry
13. Sedation & Anaesthetics
14. Snoring & Sleep Apnoea
6. Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

Removal of Teeth

At Mt Ommaney Dental, we specialise in giving very gentle local anaesthetic.
Our tooth removal is performed very neatly and gently, and as you can see here, we have great preservation of the surrounding tissues; there is no hacking, or butchering of the soft tissues whatsoever.

Not only is there less post-operative pain, less post-operative swelling, and few complications, but also much faster healing and recovery for the patient.

Wisdom Teeth

At Mt Ommaney Dental, we will not force patients to have wisdom teeth removed under a general anaesthetic.
Patients have their choice of local anaesthetic, nitrous oxide sedation, or general anaesthetic.

The wisdom teeth are removed with utmost care.
There is no hacking, nor butchering.
It is neat, tidy and atraumatic.
Healing is rapid, with minimal discomfort, and no visible scars.

With many decades of clinical experience in performing dental surgery, we perform both simple and complex cases requiring surgery.

Removal of Bony Tori

These lumps of bone can occur on the outside, or on the inside in front of the tongue, or on the roof of the mouth.
If you have lumps of bone, that didn't exist many years ago, and seems to be getting larger and larger, do enquire first.

NB. The Dental Board of Australia at www.ahpra.gov.au surgical guidelines:

All surgical procedures carry risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately

qualified health practitioner.

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