Our Services
Mt Ommaney Dental
Advanced Facilities, Gentle & Thorough
1. Emergency Dentistry
2. Examination
3. Preventive Dentistry
4. Children's Dentistry
5. Orthodontics
6. Extractions & Wisdom Teeth
7. Fillings
8. Root Canal Treatments
9. Crowns & Bridges
10. Implants
11. Dentures
12. Cosmetic Dentistry
13. Sedation & Anaesthetics
14. Snoring & Sleep Apnoea
Our Services

1. Emergency Dentistry (click here)
        Sensitivity, Pain, Pimples, Abscesses, Facial Swellings, Broken
            Fillings, Filling Fell Out, Broken Dentures etc?
        Sub-luxation (tooth knocked, but not loose, nor fallen out)
        Luxation (loose tooth)  
        Avulsion (tooth fallen out)        
        Management of Trauma

2. Examination & Treatment Planning
Examination & Consultation
        Laser Caries Detector
        Pit and Fissure Decay
        Interdental Decay
        Root Surface Decay
        Radiographs (digital x-rays)
        Electronic Pulp Testing

3. Preventive Dentistry (Family Dentistry)
Scaling and Cleaning
        Fissure Sealants
        Occlusal Splints

4. Children's Dentistry
        Sedation and General Anaesthetics
        Restorations (fillings)
        Pulpotomies (baby teeth root canal treatment)
        Stainless Steel Crowns
        Dental Hypoplasia (defects in the formation of teeth)

5. Orthodontics
        Case Diagnoses
        Gummy Smiles
        Early Preventive Treatment
        Headgear and Reverse Headgear
        Functional & Twin Block Appliances
        Rapid Maxillary Expansion
        Non-extraction Orthodontics
        Interdental Stripping
        Extraction Orthodontics
        Impacted Teeth (surgical exposure and orthodontic traction)
        Orthodontic Implants
        Surgical Orthodontics (corticotomy & orthognathic surgery)
        "Damon" Braces
        Ceramic Braces
        Adult Orthodontics

6. Extractions, Wisdom Teeth & Minor Oral Surgery
        Wisdom Teeth

        Removal of Bony Exostoses (bony lumps)

7. Restorative Dentistry (Fillings)
Composite Resin Restorations (white fillings)
        Class II inter-dental Composite Resin
        Class V gum line Composite Resin
        3/4 sized Composite Resin Crowns (direct)
        Full sized Composite Resin Crowns (direct)
        Composite Resin Veneers (direct)
        Indirect Composite Resin Restorations

8. Root Canal Treatments
        Early Tooth Decay - harmless.
        Advanced Deep Tooth Decay - infects the root canals.
        Access and Preparation (sterilisation)
        Obturation (sealing)
        Root Canal Re-treatments
        Root Canal Surgery (apicectomy)

9. Crowns & Bridges 
        Post Cores
        Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns
        Zirconia Crowns
        All Ceramic Crowns
        Gold Crowns
    Surgical Crown Lengthening
    Surgical Root Coverage

10. Implants
        Immediate Implants
        Bone Grafting

11. Dentures
        Immediate Dentures
        Cobalt-Chromium Dentures
Overlay Dentures
Implant-Supported Dentures
        Cleaning, Relines and Repairs

12. Cosmetic Dentistry
        Crown & Bridge
        Full Mouth Reconstructions

13. Sedation & Anaesthetics
        Nitrous Oxide Sedation
        General Anaesthetics

14. Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Appliances

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